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HDG - Hot dipped galvanized


Galvanized steel sheet (HDG) or galvanized sheet has a high resistance to weathering and relatively low cost compared to the life cycle of the product.

Steel galvanizing increases the corrosion resistance of the sheet and protects the surface of steel assemblies for up to 40-50 years, as products are not subject to extreme environmental conditions.

Galvanizing of steel is achieved by means of two technologies: hot galvanizing of the sheet and zinc plating by electro galvanizing.

  • can be delivered in coils, sheets or slittings;
  • galvanized sheet is used in the industrial field, for metallic constructions, roofing houses, garages, warehouses, in the automotive industry, in the advertising industry for the production of billboards, etc .;
  • the sheet is covered with a zinc coating on both sides, the coating is expressed in grams of zinc applied per square meter of product;
  • the thicker the zinc layer applied, the higher the corrosion resistance;
  • the environment is the most important corrosion factor;


Thickness 0.15mm – 4mm
Width 900mm-1500mm
Length various
Thickness 0.12mm-4.5mm
Steel grade according to EN
Coating Z (gr/mp) 100 - 600